Organic Wine

Organic Wine Dynamics - Continued

Boidynamic Wine versus "Normal" Wine

The move from pesticide, fungicide, and herbicidal chemicals and synthetic additives in wine making marks a seas
change in conventional product wisdom. No longer is the fastest and cheapest to market approach favored in some consumer
product platforms such as wine making. Timing, opportunity, and Organic Farming knowledge must contribute to the farming
aspect while sustaining earth's natural vitality. Certain sectors favoring ecologically watchful vinicultural and terroir development
gestalts can be used as models for other industries and products.

The grape growing and maceration, fermentation, aging and bottling techniques of wine making allow for transition
in the mix. Trading off agricultural chemical norms in plant production for environmentally friendly and chemical free grape
growing takes time, planning, investment. Organic Wine fields also require surrounding land investment and cooperation.

Those brand leaders in the wine industry that can make this commitment to the entire cycle of Organic Wine Production
have established a beachhead with the consumer markets including "Ecologically Friendly" concerns. The paradigm shift in
commercial method agriculture to "Green Friendly" wine production is being watched by several industries and consumer
groups for effectiveness, validity, and market impact. Green grape wines and red grape wines are suitable for transition to
Organic Vintner Production.

As new brands emerge in the Organic Wine Sector, consumers eagerly await new wine fundamentals and taste sensations.
Telmo Rodriguez is a Spanish winemaker of note who has taken the wine world by storm. Marcel Deiss has been a long time
advocate of Biodynamic Winemaking in Alsatian and other Organic Wine Terroirs. Organic Farming blends in large part with
modern day methods where weather, soil conditions and environmental factors govern viticulture choices.

Badia a Coltibuono is a celebrated wine resort in Europe where the Organic Farming Techniques have been embraced as
part of a general tourism feature. The low filtration process and no fertilizer practices would meet the attribution that
"Green Friendly Wine Making Processes" return vintners to hallowed practices responsible for some of the world's great vintages.

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