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Boidynamic Wine versus "Normal Wine

Critics of Biodynamic or Organic Wine will argue that the wine end product tastes the same, that the process of
transition to organic processes is only for those that can afford it, and that competition for "true" conventional wine making
methods of the last century yield equivalent wines. Yet environmental supporters claim that Biodynamic Wine has merits
above "normal" wine. While these claims may not be substantiated in every manner known to science, the business side of
the Organic Wine Industry has been churning up to meet demand. The effort to produce Organic Wine has attracted large
scale and well known brand wine producers to the marketplace niche for ecologically conscious consumers.

The homeopathic claims of many wine consumers have yet to be tested successfully. Names like Alois Laediger,
Grgich Hills, Nicolas Joly, Robert Sinsky, Bonterra, and others are becoming prominent for transition to biodynamic principles
and Organic Wine Growing. Marc Kreydenweiss, David Guimarens (Fonseca), Benziger wines, and Domain Leflavre are others.

These prominent wine makers will institute clean, all natural methodologies like hand harvests, lees enrichment, and
soil turning to optimize flavor yields. As more key players skim the surface of the Organic Wine Market, the biodynamic
investment community may reinforce this "Green Wine Movement" due to their success. Slow pressing, long fermentation,
natural yeasts, and strategic vinification offers more flavorful quality driven wines even without the organic label.

Many new names in the wine world (and old ones) are marking their territory. Inasmuch as each winery and grape growing
company can afford to test the market, more and more wineries are acquiring or converting fallow, pesticide and chemical free
land to Organic Wine Growing. Wine blogging, natural foods media, Gagricultural watchdogs and others are analyzing the labeling practices and farming commitments of Organic Wine Production.

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