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Organic Wine Trends - Continued

What kinds of materials and substances are present in wine that organic wine does not have?

Herbicides are generally used in wine growing to control certain other kinds of plants growing among the precious
wine plants and grape fruit. Fungicides can control unfriendly growths that contaminate and taint grape growing and
infest roots. Pesticides can prevent millions of dollars worth of damage to vineyards heavily invested for fruitful payoffs.

But, as many organic wine proponents suggest, these inorganic wiens are consumed at a cost. Wine growers farm
vineyards and wine grapes in a manner that allows the agricultural landscape to remain vibrant and not subject to
pesticide and chemical abuse and deterioration. Estates turned over to biodynamic wine will show the organic result
in the unique reflection of terroir in that wine, by that process. Natural resources used in an environmentally friendly
way can enhance a wine's attraction value and create a buzz around a new release.

The landscape of viniculturally developed estates for wine growing can be transformed into organic terroirs.
Surrounding soil conditions and growing environments must be carefully maintained in relationship to irrigation, pest
control, fungal issues, and vine health. While several years ago the retail availability of organic wines might have
been somewhat limited nowadays ecologically conscious consumers may insist on enjoying the fruit of the grape
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