Construction companies may treat reusable materials no differently from non-reusable materials.
Often, these materials may just sit in bins, crates or get discarded in landfills and empty lots.
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Goals: To manage reusable materials for effective and efficient procurement.
To establish a business model to support the decision-making process in the procurement and distrubution of reusable materials.
To reduce the waste of natural resources through the re-use of construction and building materials
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Objectives: To discern and analyze the procurement process of reusable materials. While emphasizing the need to implement systems for reusable materials procurement requests, and outgoing materials quantity forecasts. Including an economic analysis for vehicle distribution, as well as expand the resource pool of suppliers.
In turn, the materials should be available at very affordable prices to the community. Serving not only as a valuable resource, but also helping the construction industry, homeowners and landlords keep costs down.
Additionally, by adopting this practice of reusing construction materials, we help to reduce landfill waste!

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