Construction companies may treat reusable materials no differently from non-reusable materials.
Often, these materials may just sit in bins, crates or get discarded in landfills and empty lots.
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Goals: Provide reasons for preserving materials and emphasize the importance of reusing such materials through research. 2. Use current jobs whether it be new projects, renovations, or complete demolition as examples to provide support behind the idea that we are damaging our environment by being so wasteful with products and materials. 3. Establish support for the idea that the time and energy used to separate materials based on what is waste and what is not is valuable and will yield positive results for the construction industry and for the environment we all live in.
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Objectives: The construction industry must take the time and energy to research and look into why materials on job sites are simply being disposed of rather than recycled and reused. Research must identify the pros and cons of this procedure in regards to why it is a good idea to preserve materials and currently, why this is not being done. The time and energy it would take to sort through leftover materials and decide whether or not they should be considered waste or reusable is one reason that many materials go unused or reused. Ideas like this can be resolved through research by proving that taking the time and energy to save such materials will have a positive impact on the environment in many ways. We will preserve resources, utilize materials to the fullest, and save space in local landfills.
The industry today experiences a lot of waste produced on many job sites whether they be new projects, renovations, or complete demolitions. While it is understood that material will be replaced or eliminated during such proecesses, it is difficult to accept the fact that a large percentage of these materials are simply being thrown away rather than recycled and reused. The question to consider is simply why are these materials being discarded and taking up unnecessary room at local landfills when they could be preserved and applied towards other projects at different locations?
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